China Vs, AFrica

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China V.S. Africa
From 600 to 1450 BCE the life of the Chinese and the life of the African had a good amount of similarities and differences politically, socially, and economically. Much like many other places over the world trade and advances in technological studies dominated both economies while religion differences and women’s rights (aka gender roles) dominated their social life. All while this was going on, social classes dominated their political systems.

Both China and Africa were very involved with trade, but only China was thoroughly involved in technological advances that all went into their economical lives. Both Africa and China traded rare products, which had very high demand throughout the rest of the world. China specialized in porcelain and silk. They traded these through the Silk Road and mainly traded with Southeast Asia. Africa on the other hand traded mainly salt and gold. Most importantly, they started the trading of slaves. They used the Trans-Saharan and Indian Ocean trade routes mostly. Both were fairly successful economically, but China had the advantage of greater discoveries in technology advancements such as, paper, writing, gunpowder, and the compass. All common objects used today. Although this is true, neither Africa nor China was more successful than the other when it came down to the economic side of things.

The largest parts of social life in both Africa and China were religion and women’s rights. In both Africa and China there existed traditional religion and philosophy. Traditional religion means religion that has been kept alive over the thousands of years that has stayed remotely consistent. In China, Buddhism arrived from India and created a long lasting following that was later taken down in Postclassical China because of the decrease in care for religion rather than the dedication to military. Christianity ended up coming to China and overruled Buddhism but before that, Neo Confucianism, the revival of...
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