Chapter 14 Essay

Topics: Corporate governance, Management, Corporate title Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: November 20, 2014
Rick Berger
Chapter 14 essay
What qualities and background should a major corporation look for in a prospective member of the board of directors? For me, if I was chief executive officer (CEO) for a major corporation I would look for someone who is passionate, or action-oriented. I also would want someone who has a great networking skills or communication skills. If that was difficult to do I would look for a diverse group of people that have that diverse background experience that can be drawn from. Having a passionate member who is in it for the organization and not for the money like most board of directors today would be an ideal candidate and he/she would be willing to sacrifice those most scalable attributes while they consult. That is because attributes of honesty, hard work, thought leadership and authentic passion around your line of work is the key to increased profitability. Another quality member I would also consider is someone who is action-oriented. By that I mean someone who is not just going to talk-the-talk but is also going to walk-the-walk or the words someone is not going to just give advice but a member who is going to give the advice and take action and to participate instead of just shouting out big words. Another ideal quality member would be someone who has great networking skills. Having the ability to network is very crucial these days in business. It is important to have someone who can connect you with the right people and resources to help expand your company faster and efficiently. The next ideal candidate I would have as a board member would be a great communicator. Communication skills are essential and if he/she can’t communicate advice or communicates it badly, it won’t help you succeed. So having someone with the ability to communicate effectively will create more efficient organization to help protect and preserve the interests of its shareholders. My last ideal group of board members would be having a diverse...
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