Chantale and Clinton's Service Expectations

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"What were Chantale and Clinton's service expectations? Identify and explain the cultural, social and personal factors that may have influenced the development of these expectations?"

In general, for their past experience Chantale and Clinton’s service expectations to The Canadian are that they provide very customer-oriented service, that is not only the frontline representatives but also every role within the company and its distributors cares for the customers and always think of the best interests of customers. To be more specific, as what we have seen in this case, Chantale and Clinton coupon expected the following:

1) a quick and courteous response and follow up on their request or phone calls instead of keeps transferring their requests from one party to another;

2) Always stay in touch with the customer and provide recent updates and feedback for important changes (e.g., repair could not come on the day);

3) Reliable service, e.g., if you make a promise then you need to keep your promise

4) On time delivery and repair service as well as timely communication to save customer time;

5) Has department to bridge the gaps or escalation the issue in a timely manner

6) Flexibility, e.g., provide a temporary solution that can help the customer while waiting for the appliance to be fixed (delivery a small fridge for temporary use).

7) Care for the customer needs especially monetary needs, e.g., reimbursement

Culture factors that influence the development of these expectations are the couple is middle class and they can afford decent brands of products. Their entire family is well-educated and the couple values achievement and success, environment, material comfort and external comfort. Because of their subculture that they are Canadians, fully bilingual and live in Montreal, they give preferences to products delivered by the Canadian based product supplier “The Canadian”.

Social factors are the reference group,...
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