Changing of Women Rules in Global Business.

Topics: Woman, Developed country, Gender Pages: 7 (2662 words) Published: May 14, 2013
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Module Code and Name: Understanding the Global Environment Name of Module Tutor : MISS.

1. Introduction: 4p. 2. Changing of women rules in global business.
2.1.The paradox of female companionship:4-5p. 2.2 Concept of “Businesswomen”: 5-6p.
3.3 Statistics and facts. : 6-8p. 3. Conclusion: 9p. References: 10p.

Now, the role of women in today's society is becoming increasingly visible and important than in comparison with the situation of 30 years ago. More and more women have started to try their self in different areas of human society, such as politics, science, business, journalism, charity etc. And areas such as entrepreneurship and business is no exception, on the contrary, they have become a priority because the people who are successful in business will always be respected and considered, especially in the world "men's rules." Since ancient times, men do not take women, as it was believed that a woman's place in the family sphere, it is unusual and should stay at home, manage the household, raise children, take care of her husband and so forth, but those days are long gone, and the woman is free to do what though no one can deny them. While many may disagree with that, especially in societies living on the old foundations, and Sharia law, where the woman stays at home and raises her children. And I must admit that in the West and in the more developed countries, women with all other than for example in Muslim countries. Women are much freer in their choice and the right activities. That is, they are not worse than men; at least the governments of these countries have taken measures to gender equality and discrimination against women. Equality of rights is the essential foundation of any democratic society that aspires to social justice and respect for human rights. The modern woman in this world are becoming more and more independent, hence, with men moving into the background taking place with them on a social level by changing their stereotypes, which were considered by it since childhood, but when she decided to climb the social ladder, it must prepare for the development of foreign territory. And the higher it will go up, the less it will be around the fairer sex. Thus, for a higher level of women need to learn the rules of conduct in a man's world. The participation of women in business in the developed world and the familiar phenomenon is not surprising in the business world and society. Most commands respect the fact that women are showing remarkable abilities and business acumen. This paper is designed to explore the nature of women's social position and description of the main characteristics of their social status and studies of women in today's economy and business, market pressures on its social health. 1. The paradox of female companionship.

According to the UN Population Division, 49.7% of the population is women. It is difficult to understand the true customs and traditions, to experience how people live in a particular country. Moreover, even more difficult to provide an accurate picture of the situation of women in different countries - where the image of a woman's life is not as noticeable, where the woman does not participate in economic and political life of the country, where, as a rule, she plays the role of a wife, mother, mistress of the hearth . But sometimes those women, about which we firmly There are certain stereotypes are...
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