Ccot China 100-600 C.E.

Topics: Han Dynasty, Confucianism, China Pages: 2 (391 words) Published: October 25, 2012
From 100 C.E. to 600 C.E., in classical China, there were many changes both cultural and political, like the increase of Buddhism and the expansion of territory. However not everything changed, there were also several cultural continuities, the continuation of ancestor worship, and political continuities, the ongoing building of the Great Wall. During this time there were many changes occurring in china, there where cultural changes, like the reappearance of Daoism. Another cultural change is the increase in popularity of Buddhism, which was brought in by missionaries from India. Another cultural change were new inventions created in china, like paper and tea. Not only did the culture change, but there were many political changes too, for example the expansion of territory. One more political change the end of the Classical Chinese period when the Han dynasty falls, from 220 C.E. to 589 C.E. China is in a state of chaos, and then the chaos ends with the start of the Sui dynasty.

There were numerous changes between 100-600 C.E., but there were even more continuities. One cultural continuity was the fact that social class remained the same. Another cultural continuity is the continued practice of ancestor worship and filial piety, the reason these were still practiced was because Confucianism was still very prominent in China. There were also several political continuities. China remained a Patriarchal society. Another political continuity is that China continued to be ruled by dynasties, whose emperor ruled by the mandate of heaven. Something else they remained the same was bureaucracy and the opportunity to take the Civil service exam and work in the government no matter your social standing. Another political continuity was the continued construction of the Great Wall; they continued construction of the Great Wall because of the invasions from nomadic groups like the Huns located in northern China. One more political continuity was the fact that China was a...
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