Case Study of Rohan Motors

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1. Introduction to the study
About the project
Scope and limitations

2. Introduction to the organization
Companies profile
Objectives, visions, Missions
Goals of organization
Organizational structure

3. Departmental analysis
Study of various departments present in the organization

4. Observation and conclusion.


I conducted project in Rohan Motors at Bijapur city

I have done this project on organization structure of ROHAN MOTORS(APE PIAGGIO).

I have studied about the structure of the organization of the organization with analyzing various departmental heads at ROHAN MOTORS BIJAPUR


1. To know which factor influences in the organization to the APE-PIAGGIO vehicle.

2. To assume customer satisfaction with different attributes of the product and service with the fulfillment of need.

3. To study the difficulties faced by the organization in workshop.

4. To study the importance of the organization structure for further competition in the market.

5. To find the problem areas and suggest some possible solution.

6. To study the extent of existing customers care and satisfaction respect to the showroom.


There is no vast coverage in market.

There is a little problem in service.

Less awareness about all vehicle in market.

Low advertising as compare to other show room.

Main limitation is that maintenance of time.

Methodology :

It means the science of method or body of the methods used for a study. It is indispensable. Because of it’s scientific free thoughts unless a study would not be completed successfully. Therefore to arrive at notable result methodology should from of a significant part of it.

The aim of methodology is to present a clear idea of procedure followed in this study. Since, the value of any systematic research lies in it’s methodology which give a clear idea of the firm of procedure adopted in conducting it & stating the purpose become an essential part of every study. It include as follows.

Data’s are collected through primary & secondary data.
1. sources of data.
2. Limitation for study

Sources of data

The data can be collect through primary or secondarily.

a) Primary data
It is the first hand information collected by researched with the help of different research tools. For the present study researcher has used various research tools. Such as well structure questionnaire, & personal observation made by researcher to collect the data.

b) Secondary data
The information collected under the title secondary data is collected from published annual reports magazines etc.


Rohan motors authorized dealer for PIAGGIO-APE vehicle limited. It was established in the year 1989. with a capital investment of 500000. It is the district main dealer in Bijapur.

It has provided employment to 68 persons. In Bijapur district there are many three wheeler vehicles in various segments are here. It is also provides good quality services to customer at affordable rate, spare parts, etc.

In service station they render services as proper up keeping repairs, oil changing.

The following factors have made Rohan motors as more distinct one



For every commercial phenomenon need a good location. It up lifts the business process. Rohan motors situated in a place where more transportation company are there. Which helps to transport easily from one place to another place.


For customer attraction a beautiful building is essential. It has 1000sq showroom. This is...
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