Cartoons Must Be Banned

Topics: Television, Obesity, Mind Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: October 17, 2011
Cartoon Channels must be banned (for)

Now-a-days it is a common sight in any household with children, children being settled in front of television, watching cartoon channels. They are so much accustomed to viewing them, so that they are totally dissociated from the surrounding world. In case if any advertisement break comes in one cartoon channel, they switch over to another cartoon channel and they keep on changing channels but without any break for their viewing.

By continuously viewing, children are wasting their precious time: missing some happy moments like sharing their experiences, helping their parents, wishing guests, going for outings and playing outdoor games etc.

As soon as they return from school, they will put on the cartoon channel first, then they think of changing their dress. Even, while eating food also, their concentration will be on cartoon programmes only. They neglect their studies very much. They do their homework hurrily, for the sake of doing home work, so that the purpose of homework is not met with. Even some children forget to do their homework and get punishment. Sometimes they keep watching cartoon programmes till late night, they feel difficult to wakeup early in the morning.

As such, watching TV continuously causes harm to eyes. It diminishes the thinking and analyzing power of brain and makes the children lazy and devoid of physical exercise which causes metabolic disturbances as long- term effects like obesity, diabetes and cardiac ailments etc. Most of the time, children watch TV in faulty posture, which causes musculo-skeletal strain.

The cartoon channels show colorful animated programmes with elusive music to entertain children. Most of the time, the programmes are beyond reality and are absurd and imaginative. Children can not judge what is good or bad in life and stay in an imaginative world.

The harmful effects of TV/cartoon watching outweigh the benefits. So, in my opinion cartoon channels must be...
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