Cadbury Australia: Company Overview

Topics: Board of directors, Corporate governance, Managing director Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: October 5, 2011
Cadbury Australia Pty Ltd

INTRODUCTION Cadbury Australia is engaged, with its subsidiaries, in the manufacture, distribution and sale of confectionery and grocery products. The Company's principal product groups include confectionery products sold in the form of bar goods, bagged items and boxed items, as well as grocery products in the form of baking ingredients, chocolate drink mixes, peanut butter, dessert toppings and beverages. Cadbury manufactures confectionery products in a variety of packaged forms and markets them under more than 50 brands. The different packaged forms include various arrangements of the same bar products, such as boxes, trays and bags, as well as a variety of different sizes and weights of the same bar products, such as snack size, standard, king size, large and giant bars. The Company also manufactures and/or markets grocery products in the baking, beverage, peanut butter and toppings categories. Principal products in Australia include Cherry Ripe, Crunchie, Turkish Delight, Twirl, Flake, Picnic and Freddo Frog. Principal products in New Zealand include Pineapple Lumps, Chocolate Fish, Moro, Cadbury Jaffas and Pinky. Cadbury also make The Natural Confectionery Co lollies, Pascall lollies and Green & Blacks chocolate. The Company's products are sold primarily to grocery wholesalers, chain grocery stores, candy distributors, mass merchandisers, chain drug stores, vending companies, wholesale clubs, convenience stores, concessionaires and food distributors by full-time sales representatives, food brokers and part-time retail sales merchandisers throughout Australia and New Zealand. In 2009 sales to Woolworths and Coles-Myer and subsidiaries amounted to approximately 21% of Cadbury' total net sales. FIRM STRUCTURE AND CORPORATE GOVERNANCE On 27 February 2009 the confectionery and beverages businesses of Cadbury Schweppes Pty Ltd in Australia were formally separated and the beverages business began operating as Schweppes Australia Pty...
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