CACHE Level 2 Childcare & Education Unit 1 Assignment

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Unit 1 – An Introduction To Working With Children: Assignment

Statutory provisions are services that have to be available by law through legislation. (Tassoni, 2007, p. 25) A primary school is an example of a statutory provision service. If you do not send your child to primary school, you could get sent to jail or finned by the government. Primary school children are usually aged from 5-11 years. They usually start Primary school aged 4 and continue this education until they’re aged 11. They follow the National Curriculum. During primary school, the children learn lots of different things. For example, they learn the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colours. The main purpose of this setting is to teach the children the main and basic things they need to make sure they make the progress they need to. An example of a statutory provision for children under 5 would be a nursery. Someone would send their child to a nursery to ensure their child gets the education they need before they start primary school, so they don’t lag behind. They would start sometimes as young as 9 months and stay until they’re age 3-4. The main purpose for parents that send their children to pre-school is to make sure that the children get the basic skills they need to make sure they have the right start in primary school. Children attending nurseries follow the EYFS.

A private provision is owned by an individual or company and its aim is to make a profit (Beaver, 2008, pg 2). Some people that send their children to private provision are provided with funding which can help them pay for the fees. A private nursery school for children aged under 5 years aims to provide private education that would allow the children to learn more because the education would be more efficient because the learning would be taught in smaller classes which would allow them to get the support and help if they needed it, before they go onto going to primary school or a private prep school. The main difference is a statutory nursery is school hours and the term time only whereas private day care settings are open all year and for longer hours. Private dance lessons for children aged 5 to 7 would be an example of a private provision. To go to private dance lessons parents have to pay a fee but sometimes, parents might receive a fund to help them pay. Private dance lessons will be good for children because it will encourage them to get fitter. Parents might send their children to dance classes because they have to go to work, and they can’t find anyone to look after them. The dance teacher can chose who she wants to take on and times that she wants to work.

An example of a professional that works with children is a social worker whose role is to work with people who have been socially excluded or experiencing a time where they’re in a bad situation. They work with people and help them, and sometimes use their experience to help them do that. Social workers work with a range of different people, such as young people who are drug and alcohol abusers, people with learning and physical disabilities, the homeless, the elderly. Sometimes they work with young offenders, these people who have maybe committed a small crime that has got them into as bit of trouble and need to get back on their feet to prevent them from doing the thing they did again. They work with school non-attendees, so if your child does not attend school, you can get social services involved, if the situation is serious. Some social workers work in hospital settings, whilst others work closely with families. Social workers must be sensitive, objective and have good listening skills. They have to be able to understand directions and information, whether spoken or read, as well as convey information effectively to others To become a social worker you have to have relevant qualifications, and “you will need either an honours or postgraduate degree in social work approved by the Health &...
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