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When starting up a new business, there are a lot of things that are taken into consideration. It is very important to decide accurately what legal structure will be chosen and how the business will function in various circumstances through its production life. The following essay will give an outline of a juice company catering in all the major shopping malls in Dubai, called Jo’s Juice Factory Ltd. The company has set up as a Private Limited Company and will be working in the tertiary sector of the industry. The business will be undertaking centralized operations and will also have a flat hierarchy. Jo’s Juice Factory Ltd. is a fresh juice business which will be located in small shops in some of the major malls in Dubai where it will make and cater fresh juices, milkshakes and even smoothies all made from organic fresh fruits and vegetables. The business will be operating in the tertiary sector of the industry as it will be providing a service to all of their customers as a juice shop. The main key objectives of the business will be to make use of the least amount of resources while maximizing my profits at the same time. The main aim being, to be able to capitalize the business without running out of the basic capital invested during start up. A business is most successful if high sales are made, therefore the business will aim to make the most sales in the first few months of starting up. Since business’s main resource is fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, it aims to ensure complete and effective utilization of the natural resources that will be used while producing the product. The businesses are very keen on keeping all of its resources natural and also keep in mind the sustainability options available to them. One sustainability practice that the...

References: Griffin, D. (2012). Tall vs. Flat Organizational Structure, Available: [Accessed 30 April 2012]
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