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Year 12 – Cambridge technical assignment layout:

Task: Dead line_____ P1 describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting businesses. Carry out an investigation into two contrasting types of business organisations from different sectors (you could choose one in the private sector and one in the public sector). You should consider stakeholder influence in the two organisations, and your report should focus on: The two chosen organisation are:

1. Tesco – Private sector
2. Metropolitan police - Public sector

Introduction to report:
What are you going to include in your report?
(Look at the topics you will be discussing in this report for example; business purpose, business ownership. You only have to mention these topics and give an introduction to report. 1. Introduction to the organisation

What is the name of your organisation?
Give brief introduction to your chosen organisation.
What sector is it? (Public sector or a private sector)

2. Range of business: Not more than 1 paragraph
Where they operate? (Mention the areas covered by it)
Do they operate nationally or internationally? Where?
Do they have branches? Where?
Do they have website? What information does it provide about their activities? Is it accessible internationally?
Do they co-ordinate with other police of other countries?
(It may include about Interpol)
3. Business activity and purpose. Not more than 2 paragraphs What is their main aim?
What business are they trying to achieve?
What range of business activities does it cover? (Give answer in detail) (Mention all activities they do)
What services does metropolitan police offer?
Do they offer services internationally?
Do they also offer products?
How these activities benefit the community?
How effective are they?
Are there any drawbacks in these services?...
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