Business - Customer Service Unit 2 Task 1

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Unit 2 Task 1
Costumer Service

In this task I will be looking at costumer service and the affects it has on businesses. I will be looking into the Morrison’s organisation who is the UK’s fourth largest food retailer with over 400 stores. There business is mainly food and grocery where costumers go for their weekly shop. Every week nine million customers pass through their doors and 132,000 colleagues across the business work hard each day to deliver great service to them. Morrison’s started in 1889 by William Morrison who started from a stall in a Bradford market came to the inspiration to innovate and lead the way in supermarket retailing.

Customer Service
Customer service is a way to provide or supply their customers with the product or service they are required. For example in a Morrison’s store a costumer was looking for a particular item and they couldn’t find it then a member of staff could show them or tell them where to find that item. Another example is if a costumer was returning an item then then the employee would sort it out for them.

Internal Customers
An internal customer is an employee who receives goods or services produced elsewhere in an organization as inputs to his or her work. An example of this is if a costumer went into a restaurant and ordered a turkey dinner and the waitress written there order down and took it to the chief then the chief says they’ve got no turkey dinners today and the waitress then says to the costumer they’ve got no turkey dinners in stock today then the costumer would be very disappointed. But if chief told the waitress that there was no turkey dinners left then the waitress would of informed the costumer they didn’t have any turkey dinners left then the costumer would have been a little bit disappointed but would have been fine about it and bought something else and may come back again.

External Costumer
An external costumer is an outside organization or individual that receives a product or service from the company so it’s basically someone who doesn’t work for the company just your average costumer who buys your products or is provided with a service that they are purchasing from the company. External costumers are the businesses main priorities as they need to ensure the costumers are happy with the service or product so they get repeat business from their costumers because they could take their custom elsewhere if they receive bad costumer service from the members of staff. If the staff work well together doing their job and work as a team then this will improve their costumer service as the staff are able to work as a team which will guarantee costumers are getting there service faster. Also you could improve a company’s customer service by developing a good relationship with the costumers as this will make them feel valued as a person and that there important to keep the business running.

All employees of a business have a role of ensuring that their customers are satisfied with the product or service. All employees are part of something called the quality chain and this chain is always being improved on such as by better team work, training, employee care and communication within the business. It is important that customer satisfaction is one of the most important roles of the selling process. Businesses will need to know what their customers want, how important it is for them, and the best way they can give their customers what they want. By doing this then the business can develop their service to meet their customers needs.

If a business has good costumer service skills then it will increase the amount custom a business will make. If a costumer is given good costumer service then they are likely to tell their friends about it and this is good for promotion and as the business is getting good feedback...
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