Business Btec Level 3 Unit 1 P2

Topics: Stakeholder, Annual report, Profit Pages: 3 (987 words) Published: November 8, 2012
Table 3: Assignment 1.2: P2 - Influence of Stakeholders

Name of Organisation B:| Apple| Sector:| |
Examples of Stakeholders| How are stakeholders influenced by the organisation?| How is the organisation influenced by the stakeholder?| Customers | The customers would be influenced because if the company are financially struggling the customers are there only hope to stay profiting. If the company was to go bust it means customers will no longer be able to shop there. The customers would be an external stakeholder, they can get information by advertisements and even check their annual report on the businesses website. | The establishment relies on their customers to shop at their stores but also they try and bring in customers so they make more money, the more profit they make on their products then the more successful the business will be. The customers can tell others about the business. | Staff| The staff would be interested to see if anything happens in the business, also to see how many other staff are employed. The staff would be communicated by the business by newsletter or meetings on a regular basis about new products etc. as they are internal stakeholders. Also staff gets paid by the company which influences them to be better.| The business is influenced by the staff as they make the improvements to the store by adding good customer service in which the existing customers would come back and the business would be recommended to new potential customers.| Competition | The competition is external stakeholders, they would find out information with the competitions annual report or internet. They would be interested to see how well they are doing as if they sell similar products for example the ipad and blackberry’s tablet so they can make improvements.| Competition would influence business as they can identify what the competition is selling so that the company can create products that are better that the competition so they can...
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