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Knowledge Questions
Candidate name Rebecca Tompkins-hallAssessor name Louise Ballenger Date 2/10/14
Task/evidence Questions for unit 107
Observation FORMCHECKBOX Questioning FORMCHECKBOX Witness Testimony FORMCHECKBOX Action Plan FORMCHECKBOX I have used the website to help me with my work. Element 107.1

Describe the different features of telephone systems and how to use them          Call holding- When a client has called through you’re able to put them on hold. This is something that enables you to perform other tasks. Normally Cre8 would use ‘call holding feature’ to find/ get the attention of one of our personal trainers of whom the phone call is for. This feature also allows me to attend to other tasks; such as: finding a client’s information while there on the phone, booking/ scheduling, checking when/who is free for particular requests.

         Call waiting-the telephone you are using will alert you with either a flashing light or noise to let you know somebody is waiting on another line for you to attend to or trying to contact you through your line.          Re-directing- The features for re-directing normally are shown as ‘redirect’ or ‘transfer’. This enables you to transfer a call to another location linked with your business.          Answer phone- When nobody is able to attend to a call the machine will automatically take a message from the caller and save it onto the machine for you to go back to when you are able to.          Teleconferencing- This is a feature which allows you to connect a call with multiple recipients. Enabling 2 or more people to be involved with a telephone call. You are also able to enhance this feature with camera creating a multiple video chat.          Text messaging- alike a mobile phone feature. You are able to send and receive text-style messages through your telephone systems. Give reasons for identifying the purpose of a call before making it This is very important to identify the purpose of the call to assure the telephone conversation is professional. You will also be able to obtain the information you are looking to get. A good tip is to write down the information you want to obtain while in the telephone conversation. By doing this it eliminates the need to re-call and you meet the call outcome first time round. Describe different ways of obtaining the names and numbers of people that need to be contacted          If the name of the company is known of the person you may be seeking. Search the internet for the information and call said company to seek help on obtaining the information you are looking for.          You could also search a phone book either electronically or non-electronically. Use search engines such as: yell or google.          Once you have obtained a company’s name and number, ask them to help by asking: if they are aware of who you are, what you are looking for/ who you are looking for. If a particular person is able to give you information.

         Search social networks for the particular company. Many companies use social media in their marketing. The main sights to search would be: Facebook, twitter, Instagram.          when contacting another company you must always clearly state who you are, who you work for and why you are calling. Describe how to use a telephone system to make contact with people inside and outside an organisation Inside call-to contact somebody inside of your telephone system, use your phone as a gateway, you are able to use normally a 3 digit number to connect yourself to somebody else’s phone. If you are unsure of their extension number call the extension number for their department and ask for what/ who you are looking for. If you are unable to obtain any further information other than an employee’s name, contact the main reception desk or human resources for further help/...
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