Buddhism and Teachings

Topics: Buddhism, Han Dynasty, Han Chinese Pages: 2 (704 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Period 3

The simple idea of introducing a new religion to society always has positive and negative affects. For example, the concept of spreading Buddhism from its origin, India, had developed both criticism and support. The spread of Buddhism happened quite quickly in China and the Chinese responded in one of two ways. They were either interested in Buddhism because of its teachings or they thought it was a barbaric thing. To analyze the overall feelings in China, we must understand and explain why many people were attracted to Buddhism(group 1), and we must understand why some people despised the spread of Buddhism(group 2). The reasons why Buddhism has approximately 362 million followers is because of its teachings and beliefs. In the documents provided, documents one, two, three, and five allow us to analyze the positive response to Buddhism in China. In the period of the Tang dynasty, Buddhism was gaining many followers. It rapidly spread across central Asia and spread quickly in China. Some of the reasons it gained followers were because of its teachings and beliefs. In document 1, we can see how the four noble truths were some of the popular teachings. They were also accompanied by the teachings of Nirvana(Doc 2). People converted to this religion because they felt that the teachings were perfect. When we analyze how the concept of Nirvana, it shows how one may be at rest. Zhi Dun, a Chinese scholar(doc 2), explains how those in China who served the Buddha properly will undergo an enlightenment and reach Nirvana. People of China knew and believed the title of Nirvana was a peaceful thing. In document 3, the anonymous Chinese scholar answers some of the criticisms towards Buddhism, and he/she shows how it is not flawed. If the people of China read this, it may have attracted them to Buddhism because it did not have very many flaws. This scholar tried to prove wrong and dispose of the errors in Buddhism. In document five, Zong Mi...
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