Bruce Dawe's Use of Literary Devices

Topics: Consumerism, Television, Person Pages: 3 (946 words) Published: October 24, 2013
Dawes poetry examines consumerism from a variety of perspectives. Dawe uses his poetry to criticise the consumer driven society , lifestyle tapped within consumerism and the ruthlessness of modern society. Dawe brings the same concept in poems being his dislike for media and demonstrates that only through innocence and appreciation of the natural world we able to go beyond society’s expectations that end up in destruction of a person. This is illustrated throught the use of techniques such a metaphor, colloquial language, parody, satire etc, language and symbolism which can be seen in the poems ‘enter without so much as knocking’ and ‘televistas’.

In Bruce Dawes ‘televistas’ concerns are raised for a television consumed society, where relationships lack reality and development. The poem is based on a couple who have met through a television incident and base their relationship around television. The use of negative connotations is emphasised by a technical object negatively associated with ‘faulty’ through the quote “faulty tube led to their meeting”. This demonstrates how their meeting was not around romance and/or love but of similar consumer interests. Lack of development and reality in relationships is further discussed through the direct quote “watch with me a while”. Consumerism is the main idea/topic in the “relationship”, usually relationships are based on love and romance not based on a watching TV together. Dawe expresses the disadvantages and destruction consumerism has created in modern society by clarifying how the relationship is conformed during an add where they are not focusing on the TV. This shows how people are absorbed by consumerism and only when they are detach themselves from consumerism they can form relationships, shown throught the use on enjambment in the quote “right between the Carol Burnett and the David Nixon show they fell in love”. Destruction of relationships due to consumerism is further discussed through Dawes use of...
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