Bog Bodies

Topics: Bog body, Lindow Man, Science Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: January 6, 2013
Lindow Man is the preserved bog body of a man discovered in a peat bog at Lindow Moss near Wilmslow in Cheshire, North West England. On the 1st August 1984 the body was discovered, by peat workers. HEAD NECK

Through the examinations on lindow mans Head and neck injuries, it prevailed he had been hit twice on the crown of his head with a blunt object and struck once at the base of his skull, along with being strangled. Around the neck of lindow man was a fine rope which had been twisted tightly resulting in breaking two of his neck vertebrae along with closing off his windpipe. Lastly scientists found a gash at the throat, indicating his throat was also cut, or possibly the result of natural occurrences after his death. HAIR BEARD

Through scientists analysing Lindow mans hair and beard; they took note on the beard as it was the first bog body to have been found with a beard, it was concluded as relatively rare. Scientists also observed the fact, his hair had been trimmed with scissors, a few days before his death had occurred, this was uncommon as at that time, luxury use of utensils like scissors would have been a privilege to everyday life. FINGERNAILS

Scientists analysed his fingertips, they found they were well-manicured and cared for, this raised the question whether he was an elite member of society, who was exempt from manual labour. Reconstruction of Lindow Man.

HEIGHT & body build
To Get a clear scientific reconstruction of lindow mans heights Forensic anthropologists and other scientists used the length of his humerus ( upper arm bone), The analysis concluded with lindow man being five feet seven inches tall, which was slightly taller than the average man in his realm. His body build was concluded based on the judging by scientists, he was well build and in his prime, he was averagely aged at mid-20`s. Lindow Man's interior cavity,

The scientific investigation to lindow mans inner cavity’s revealed his stomach had not decayed, he’s stomach...
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