BM3505 Service Encounter Journal

Topics: Customer service, Doctor, Customer Pages: 7 (2213 words) Published: January 20, 2015
Encounter # 1 Satisfying Service Encounter Date: 17/09/2014 Time: 8:35am Details:
At the clinic, the nurse greeted me and attended to my registeration promptly. She informed me of the estimated waiting time and suggested to me that I could go for my breakfast nearby while waiting for my turn. Since I had my breakfast already, I chose to wait. I was warmly greeted by the doctor when I entered the consultation room. His room is simple and neat, there is also a large professonal certificate plaque hanging on the wall behind him. Unlike other doctors who would start by asking for my sickness, he started a friendly conversation to understand my basic background such as my school and my specialisation. It felt genuine because of his tone, eye contact and the fact that he recorded the details down on my medical record card as I spoke. When talking about my sickness, he made it a point to address my concerns by explaining to me the mechanism of diagnosis in a comprehensible manner. Though hesitant, I told him that I was taking chinese medicine as I thought it would be better than english medicine in some cases. He did not dismiss the validity of chinese medicine as I imagined. Instead, he discussed with me objectively and concluded that it is about personal preference and belief. He even suggested to me a simple chinese accupuncture massage remedy for me to try out.

I was very impressed with the entire service process. Relating to past experiences, I feel that doctors usually adopt the no-frills approach whereby only relevant issues are entertained. However, in this case, the doctor created a friendly environment that encouraged me to raise my all my concerns. As a result, I felt more assured as my doubts were sufficiently addressed. Also, I felt that I was treated with respect and importance during the service process.

Detailed Analysis, & Recommendations
To analyse my service encounter, the service quality, customer value, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty relationship model is used. As service quality is the key factor driving customer satisfaction, it will be further analysed using the five service quality dimensions. In addition, the Service Theatre Framework is also applied to supplement my analysis. Finally, recommendations are made to help Ban Kok clinic stay competitive in the long run.

My satisfaction for the service encounter is attributable to the high customer value and personal factors like my past experiences. Firstly, I feel that my past mediocre experiences with clinics lowered my desired service expectation. Secondly, I feel that the customer value created by Ban Kok clinic was high. This is because my desired results— the promised medical attention, assurance and accurate diagnosis—were achieved through high service quality. In addition, the access cost is also low as the clinic’s location is near my house. This is further exemplified through my evaluation of the five dimensions relative to zone of tolerance (Figure 3).

My desired service level for assurance and reliability are high as they are the most important dimensions to me. This is because healthcare services are generally high in credence, rendering dimensions such as empathy and tangibles far less important in comparison to reliability and assurance. Also, I feel that my past experiences with clinics also played a role in shaping my perception. As such, this service encounter easily suppassed my expectations in all five dimensions: Reliabilty: The estimated waiting was quite accurate and the doctor was able to grasp my concerns accurately to provide the right diagnosis.

Assurance: the doctor displayed professionalism and courtesy in his service delivery. He explained the mechanism of his diagnosis and remedies in a confident and assuring manner. In addition, his openness to alternative remedies, which could otherwise be viewed as a potential threat to his business, further illustrated...
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