Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd

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Here is the management report, which you asked me to prepare.. In the process of formulating this project report I selected a PHARMACEUTICAL company,“BEXIMCO PHARMACEUTICALS” which produces world class live saving medicines in our country. I gained knowledge about managing the product & the structure from online articles and reports. Along with it, I employed the management concepts developed throughout the course to construct an effective management project to demonstrate the mentioned firm’s entire management strategies in Bangladesh. This plan is formulated with the idea of managing the all managerial activities of a large firm like BEXIMCO PHARMACEUTICALS LIMITED.

A special note of acknowledgement is to our course instructor Mr Shahid Hossain for letting me do this project on Beximco Pharmaceuticals . He was very generous and productive toward mewhile conducting the course and he was the person who has guided methroughout preparing the report. The way he taught was really interesting and effective. All of these activities have been conducted within a very short time and we think it became possible only for his dynamism. Taking the course with him was a great fortune for me.

Finally, I would like to thank myr family and friends whose support I needed to complete my project.

CONTENTS PAGE NO Mission Statement 1 Executive Summary 2-3 Organogram 4 Organizational Chart 5 Situation Analysis 6-16 Swot Analysis 17-20 Matrix of Swot Analysis 21 Objectives 22 Management Issues 23 Conclusion 24 Appendix 25

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* The Ittefaq
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* Finanacial Express
4. Personal Interview
Mr. Hashem Awal Chowdhury, Senior Executive Officer,Planning 5. ANNUAL REPORT OF BPL 2011
Ltd, BPL Annual Report 2011
6. Advertisement
Shantinagar billboard
DOHS, Mohakhali billboard
7. Magazines
Indian Times Magazine


Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd (BPL) is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical formulations and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) in Bangladesh. With decades of contract manufacturing experience with global MNCs, skilled manpower and proven formulation capabilities, the company has been building a visible and growing presence across the continents offering high quality generics at the most affordable cost. The company is committed to enhancing human health and well- being by providing contemporary and affordable medicines, manufactured in full...

Bibliography: 2. Books :
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