Basic Human Resource Management Activities of a Private Commercial Bank Ltd

Topics: Bank, Board of directors, Employment Pages: 4 (1293 words) Published: December 20, 2012

The HR department at first determines the number of post to be promoted each year and depending on the organizational needs, the HR department promoted employees each year. In Pubali Bank Ltd, Promotion are given to Employees Based on their ACR, Educational qualifications, Job related degree like Banking Diploma etc. An employee minimum required 65 marks in 100 marks to be selected initially for considering his Promotion. If an employee gets below the 65 marks, he will not be considered for getting promotion. In100 mark, an employee is needed to obtain at least 75 marks to get promotion finally. Mark is calculated in the following way;

A. ACR-50 Mark

B. Educational Qualification-15 Mark
• SSC-1st Class-4 mark, 2nd Class-3 mark, 3rd class-2 mark • HSC-1st Class-4 mark, 2nd Class-3 mark, 3rd class-2 mark • Degree (General)- 1st Class -3 mark, 2nd Class-2 mark, 3rd class-1 mark • Degree (Hons)- 1st Class-4 mark, 2nd Class-3 mark, 3rd class-2 mark • MS-1st Class-3 mark, 2nd Class-2mark, 3rd class-1 mark

C. Banking Diploma-5 Marks

D. Viva-Voce-20 marks

E. Length of Service (Existing position for 5 yrs)-10 mark

After considering of all the above mentioned factors, the HR department at first sort of all the ACR submitted by the employees and select the persons who are eligible for getting promotion. Then the HR department issues a letter to all eligible candidates and asked for taking part in Viva-voce on a specific date. In this regard, HR department takes all necessary steps to conduct Viva-voce. Basically, HR department Constitute a Board including senior executives of own Bank and from Bangladesh Bank. The main task of this Board is to conduct viva. After completing the Viva-voce, the Board sent the viva result to the HR department. Then the HR department evaluates of all the result regarding every employees. The employees who have got 75% or above mark are only considered as potential...
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