Bank and Banking Services

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During the period of international economic integration today, the legal framework is fluency, the barriers of discrimination between the banks no longer exist, the services of almost equivalent. The bank do more advanced technology will certainly capture the advantage. Most of the banks are using computers to automate the processing stage to optimize performance and limit manually.

Banking industry is becoming more competitive. Customers today have more opportunities to reach more information. They have more options in choosing the bank for the transaction. This will cause more difficult for banks to attract and retain customers. For example, customers can switch to another bank if that bank offer loans with lower interest rates, offers banking services, more debit cards more attractive (Credit Card use / Debit) ...

HSBC should take advantage of new technology to keep your customers, find more creative methods to provide, deliver products and services to customers, management of operating costs a efficiently, invest in the training of customer care services to better ...

One effective way to compete is through ATMs - which provides banking services self-service. ATM gives HSBC more utility and support HSBC take advantage of technology to modernize, improve operational efficiency, and meet the needs of customers.

Benefits of HSBC:

-Win and retain customers through banking services expanded to serve 24 hours a day

- Make a difference in service quality and brand to compete

- minimize staff and increase revenue opportunities

- Increase efficiency and reduce operating costs

Benefits of ATM for Customers

- Providing banking services open 24 hours a day

- Location is convenient transactions (Stores, Airport ...)

- Services quickly: Do not wait long

- Security and Efficiency

Infrastructure Information Technology

- The client server system (including the accounts of customers, focus or distribution)

- Safety and...
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