Astro Monopoly

Topics: Television, Satellite television, United Kingdom Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: February 7, 2013
Watching television has become a basic necessity among the people from all walks of life in today’s affluent society. In globalize era by today, the amount of satellite television provider has increase vigorously in the world. But Astro is still the one and only satellite television provider available in our country, Malaysia. (Wikipedia)The definition of Astro is an acronym for All-Asian Satellite Television and Radio Operator. Astro is Malaysia’s leading integrated cross-media group with operations in 4 key businesses: Pay TV, Radio, Content and Digital. It also transmits digital satellite television and radio to household in Malaysia and Brunei.

(Astro)They launched in 1996, and today they have 50% penetration of TV homes in Malaysia, making it a key pay TV operator in Southeast Asia. Astro has also appreciated customer input and feedback and they can continuously strive to provide quality service and products to customers. (Astro)The People’s Choice, Astro was also awarded the “Brand of the Year” award at Malaysia’s Putra Brand Awards 2012. This award is in recognition of Astro’s efforts to exemplify innovation, quality, and strong corporate social responsibilities. Now Astro has nearly increased in a base of 3.1 million. Therefore, it is fairly obvious that viewer in our country has no chance to choose the other satellite television provider.

(Lim)What is the reason that makes Astro able to monopolize Malaysian’s satellite television industry? This is due to the reason that they are the only company that get the permission and license to broadcast by the government of Malaysia. To further illustrate this point, they have the ability to set the price of their service because they are the price maker in the industry. As they are the price maker, sometimes the customers are not satisfied about the high price they set with the limited choice of package to choose from. In some package that subscribers purchased, there are always some channels...
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