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Topics: Apple Inc., MacBook Pro, MacBook Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: November 17, 2014
Executive Summary:

1.0 Internal and External influences on the business:
1.1 Internal Influences:
1.1. A. Product Influences:
Product influences affect a range of internal structures and operations within the business. The main product influences, which affect Apple Inc., are as follows.

The types of goods and services will determine the production process of Apple’s products. As Apple Inc. is a large incorporated business manufacturing technology such as the Iphone and Macbook Pro, its manufacturing process needs structures in place to organize and monitor the processes involved, different from a small company producing small goods and services. Due to this large manufacturing process, the business out source their production to companies such as Foxcon in China. Along with the outsourcing of manufacturing, Apple have technical support around the world in such countries like America, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. The size of the business is based on the range and type of goods and services produced, the level of technology utilised, and the volume of goods and services produced. Apple Inc. being a larger business produces extensive amounts of products, which will in turn influence the internal structures, and operations of the business. Product influence is reflected in the type of business. Apple being a business specializing in technology innovation and manufacturing requires extensive preparation for production. 1.1. B. Resource Influences:

Human resources: These are the business’s most important asset. Apple Inc. employees 598 5000 people just in the U.S alone. This includes manufacturing, engineering and transport. As human resources are the most important of all the resources, Apple only employee the best candidates for the job, this being the best engineers, innovators and inventors. Using cheap labour to minimize expenses, creating quality products to maximize revenue.

Information Resources: These include market research,...
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