Analysis of The Hunger Games: A Child Slaughter Match

Topics: Starvation, Famine, Malnutrition Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: May 30, 2013
The Hunger Games Analytic Text Response

The Hunger Games Analytic Text Response

I think the Hunger games depicts a horrendous dystopia because Suzanne Collins makes the Hunger Games as a child slaughter match. She makes the characters such as the Game Maker as a man who takes orders from a bigger man who is sick minded as he reminds the 12 districts that we can take your children no matter what and make them fight in the glorious Hunger Games. He also gives each District a speciality trade which they have to work and provide the Capitol with all the supplies that they can gather and leave barely anything for themselves. The Hunger Games which are loved by the top 2 districts are a practically a death match between 24 children. President Snow gathers 2 tributes from each district (one boy and one girl) and publicly displays them as heroes of the district, whereas in their views if you are not in the first 2 districts you are being sent to die. As Katniss says about her own district “District 12: where you can starve to death”. The quote depicts that there is starvation happening very commonly. The Game Maker who ‘makes the games’ designs the different arenas for each Hunger Games and sets the standard for survival. He controls the flow of food supply such as squirrels and birds, how much food, medicinal supplies and weaponry there is at the start of the games, the weather which plays a huge factor on the survival of the tributes as well as designing different ‘natural’ disasters that can cause serious injuries and death to the tributes. Another point that depicts the Hunger Games is a horrendous dystopia is that how each district has to work and provide for the Capitol by giving them the supplies that they gather. District 11 is the agricultural district of the 12 which means that they have to work ‘24/7’ to gather crops and food (berries, herbs and spices) where the Capitol can make a one day meal out of it. This shows that President Snow doesn’t really...
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