An Analysis on Customer Care Strategy of Sainsbury

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1.0 Company Introduction

Sainsbury’s was founded in London in 1869 as one of the nations’ oldest retailers. It also provides a unique illustration of transformation that has occurred in retailing and in shopping and eating habits since the mid-19th century. It grew to become the largest grocery retailer in 1922, pioneered self-service retailing in the UK, and had its heyday during the 1980s. Now it is the third largest chain of supermarket in the United Kingdom with a share if the UK supermarket sector of 16.3%. The supermarket chain operates three store formats: regular Sainsbury’s store (“Main Mission”), Sainsbury’s Local and Sainsbury’s Central (convenience stores and smaller supermarkets in urban locations—“Mixed Mission”) and Sainsbury’s “Main Plus” (hypermarket) stores.

2.0 An Outlook of Sainsbury’s Customer Care Strategy

Sainsbury aims at building on and stretching the lead in food. By sharing customers’ passion for healthy, safe, fresh and tasty food, Sainsbury’s will continue to innovate and provide leadership in delivering quality products at fair prices. Sainsbury will continue to accelerate the development of non-food and service following the principles of quality and to provide a broader shopping experience for customers. Sainsbury commits to reach more customers through additional channels, and it commits to manage its business with integrity.

3.0 Development of Sainsbury’s Customer Care Strategy

Strategy refers to a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal. 1. Sainsbury should know who Sainsbury’s customers are
Sainsbury should know that every member of the community is the potential customer. Sainsbury should reach the total community. Every citizens living around the stores can be Sainsbury’s customers, as well as another companies can be the customer group of Sainsbury.

2. Sainsbury should know the needs of customers
Customers need to be understood. Sainsbury comes up with the strategy that it commits to provide quality food with fair prices, which makes consumers delight. Customers need to feel welcome. Sainsbury’s staff serves every customer with a smiling face. Customers need to feel important. Once any customer has some recommendation or suggestion, he can directly approach to managers to point it out.

3. Sainsbury should know how to determine needs
Sainsbury puts out questionnaires to citizens to find what they really want to buy when shopping in the supermarket and then determine their goods. It is a way to analyse needs in terms of the development objectives of Sainsbury. Sainsbury’s also set up suggestion box in its supermarkets to listen to customers’ needs. Through different ways such as community meetings and feedback, Sainsbury determines customers’ needs.

4. Sainsbury should response to needs
Sainsbury shows the real interest in the needs of special group, such as babies; they display their special tools and foods. Sainsbury ensures that every goods displayed on the shelves represent the real living needs for all customers. Sainsbury holds feedback meetings in order to response customers’ needs, and it commits to handle and solve customers’ complaints.

5. Sainsbury should give access to services
Sainsbury never limit the service to the boundaries of Sainsbury’s store building. Sainsbury broadens its service range outside of the supermarkets and Sainsbury carries on deliver service. Sainsbury not only offers the regular stores for its customers, but also provides smaller supermarkets in urban locations as well as shopping online services.

6. Sainsbury should get stakeholders and senior managers’ support Sainsbury establishes a committee to get cooperation and support from the stakeholders and senior managers. They give financial support to promote Sainsbury’s operational environment as well as intelligence support to improve Sainsbury’s operational situations. Both of their supports are necessary to the development of Sainsbury.

7. Sainsbury...
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