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Alpha Delta Phi

Alumni Association Handbook

August 1st, 2006
Revision History

All changes or revisions to this document should be noted and tracked below. Revision Number
Date of Revision
Description of Revision
August 4, 2006
First Draft
Brian Davis, VIR’99
August 8, 2006
Revisions of first two sections
Jon Vick, HAM’64
August 20, 2006
Example By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation added
Ken Growney, COR ‘82
August 20, 2006
1832 Club fundraising vehicle added and minor revisions
Brian Davis, VIR ‘99
August 23, 2006
Websites as part of communications program information added Brian Davis, VIR ‘99

Table of Contents

Alumni Communications Program10
Mailings to the Alumni for Fund Solicitation17
Annual Report17
Mailings from the Undergraduate Chapter17
Alumni Activities18
Class Agent Organization18
The 1832 Club18
Other Programs19
Managing the Relationship with the Chapter20
Establishing Continuity21
Positive Counseling Feedback23
Why Bylaws are Important25
Sample Chapter Bylaws26
Suggested Judicial Procedure31
Sexual Abuse and Harassment32
Fire, Health and Safety33
Abusive Behavior33
High Risk Events33
Property Management33
Relationships with Other Organizations41
Officer and Chapter Retreats48
Additional Support for the Alumni Association Chairman56
Appendix A: Effective Goal Setting57
Appendix B: Important Dates from the International Office59 Appendix C: Contact Information60
Appendix D: Example Articles of Incorporation61
Appendix E: Example By-Laws63


The heart of a strong alumni organization is a small group of dedicated men who make the organization work by their leadership, energy, and effort. This group usually serves as a board of trustees of the chapter’s alumni organization. If this group works effectively, the entire alumni organization will be effective and the chapter will be a strong one. This handbook is concerned with the organization, direction, and programs of this core alumni group.

Participating on your alumni association board should be an enjoyable experience. The program recommended here is designed to involve a number of volunteers for a variety of reasons: camaraderie through numbers, greater number of ideas as a product of a group effort, and a division of responsibilities to minimize the burnout factor.

What are the criteria for an efficient alumni group? One measure is the standing of the chapter on its own campus. Occasionally, one finds a strong chapter with a weak alumni organization, but usually a strong chapter results from a strong alumni organization.

A second criterion for a good alumni organization is the level of support provided in an annual fund drive. An alumni organization should aim to have a minimum of 20% of its alumni contributing each year in order to give the chapter a firm base of support and interest.

A third measure of a strong alumni organization is the amount of money raised each year. Even if the chapter does not need funds right now, it is sensible to maintain the interest and to promote the habit of giving. Extra funds can always be used as scholarships or in support of literary programs. Or, they can be added to the endowment as a cushion against major capital emergencies or difficult times on campus.

The scope of an alumni association’s role makes it difficult to define beyond the most general terms. It is important that we attempt, however, to provide a practical definition that fraternity alumni organizations may use in setting their goals, planning their approach, and measuring their effectiveness. The successful alumni...
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