3d Tv Business Plan

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Business plan of 3D TV

Executive summery LOGO[pic]

1. Problem: 3D TV market in China has great potential, but Chinese brands and foreign brands in terms of product quality and functionality,they are still a certain gap.

What is the opportunity?

Estimated 2013 flat-panel TV consumer demand of 42 million units, of which 20 million units of demand for 3D TV, smart TV demand 800 million units. Consumer demand will return to the essential characteristics of the TV - picture quality and sound effects; 3D channel launch volume growth accelerated 3D Smart TV scale. Has not yet appeared on the market directly by the 2D signal into 3D signal TV

2. Solution: Create a brand for innovative 3D TV market in China.

shui电视 is the newest high-tech product, movie technology brought right to your living room, 3D effects to bring you the visual impact you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.If you want to see the common chanel , just change the signal to finish the transfert by 3D-2D.

3. Market facing fulfilling demand advantage

From consumer groups, the average age of 3D TV consumption is becoming younger. To the age of marriage for young people will be more and more, they are the main purchaser of goods, all around us, you can see that they desire to buy the TV before marriage, but is missing in the second-tier cities such as Chongqing, Jinan, Hangzhou 3D television propaganda, in the second-tier cities, such as shopping malls, relatively speaking inside the 3D TV can not meet consumer multi-faceted, multi-selection requirements. I precisely for their needs and the setting up of the project, at the same time, the majority of manufacturers have also noticed that. Changhong, Konka, Hisense and other vendors .

4. Product with potential commercial value

The main body of the project is to build a high, medium and low-grade TV.Required to achieve the purpose: to meet the vast majority of consumer demand for 3D TV.TV has great profit margins, very attractive terms from the manufacturers, merchants.Enterprises have power, market demand naturally easily from share part of the profits, part of the relatively solid profit.

5. Our company?

We will build two manufacturing plants in Zhejiang, to build our R & D base and the company is located in Hangzhou, the plant scale probably need about 50,000 square meters, fifteen thousand more than a thousand employees, the company has a chairman and general manager,R & D Director, financial Director, sales Director, human Resources Director, logistics Officer, plant department manager.

6. Group

Prisident : zhang weizhong

- training / EMBA + Entrepreneur . Hongyu

- experience / sales managers in SUNING. Coodinator developpment product GUOMEI in ShangHai.

The business profile

1.Description of my business

H2O Corporation is a Chinese multinational electronics company headquartered in ruian Zhejiang, China,which is 100 km northeast of the wenzhou. H2O is a China ‘s first self-developed 3D TV technoloy company, we not only sell our products to the market, to output our product philosopy : Innovation and change our lives! In addition, we will also build our own sales outlet based in the Pearl River Delta region, to establish a national entity with network the trinity-marketing standards mode.

2.Market and customer

The concept of 3D TV launch time is not very long, but in the 1980s began to study abroad. Japan's Panasonic and Sony invested heavily in higher technological content of products in this study. Currently on the market there are a lot of the concept of 3D TV, the effect is less obvious than ordinary liquid crystal effect. The main reason is really 3D resources, many movies and TV shows 3D sense is not very strong; another TV product technology is not as advertised or we imagine that there is a strong sense of three-dimensional. The actual market share about 10%...
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