2007DBQ Han And Roman Attitudes Toward Technology

Topics: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Han Dynasty Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: April 1, 2015
2007DBQ: Han and Roman Attitudes Toward Technology

Throughout the history Han Dynasty of China and the Roman Empire were the two enormous political unities, both developing their technology well. Han was generally positive and supportive toward the technology using though Roman thought that each job has its own social dignity, therefore leading to the inferior attribute to the craftsmen and technology involver.

Han was praiseful towards its achievements and progression of the technology, while few Roman high officials depicted that the utilizing technology is favorable. In the group of Doc#3, 4, 6, all writers hold positive opinions toward the technology in their countries and regarded the achievements were praise-worthy. Doc #3 hold a positive proposal toward Fuxi, the wise emperor because the author thought that Fuxi’s invention helped the water power to apply, and increase the water using efficiency. In Doc#4, the author claimed that the Tu Shih, the peaceful governor of the province, invented the very useful machine, water-powered blowing-engine, decreasing the labors’ efforts and benefit farmers. Through these two documents we can see that Han’s general idea toward technology is to help people as much as possible, Confucian benevolence and Han perceived technology as a gift. In Doc#6, Plutarch thought that Roman road is a pragmatic application of the technology, using a big amount of words to describe the aesthetic values of the road and the utility. The evidence glorifies the technology usage during that period.

Although Han insisted the praiseful perspective, there were still some imperfect aspects of the technology while Roman regarded the tool manufacturing is a vulgar profession of the career, both are the negative point toward the technology. In the Doc #2, Huan Guan compared the tools of previous times and those of current time, stating that the worse the tools are, the less government officials took care of the, which caused the social...
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