18th century medical history

Topics: Edward Jenner, Vaccination, Smallpox Pages: 2 (303 words) Published: September 10, 2014
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18th Century Medical History Report

The 18th century consisted of a lot of social and political events. Some of the social happenings that occurred in this century were the French and Indian War, the African slave trade, and many developing ideas and inventions were growing throughout the world. Many medical happenings were present as well. Smallpox was the main widespread disease that affected the whole world. Inventions and discoveries were made to solve problems or mysteries. An important person was Edward Jenner, who “discovered” a smallpox vaccination. He did not actually invent it, because it had already existed. She ran an experiment on an eight year old boy to test the smallpox vaccine. He did this by giving him cowpox first which served as a immunization. Joseph Priestley was an important figure in the 18th century. He discovered the now called element oxygen. Before his discovery, people did not understand what air was,, or what it was made of. He also was a researcher, Philosopher and a Chemist. Benjamin Franklin invented the bifocals, although he was greatly known for his work in electrical theory. He established laws on how electricity operates, how to store and use it. He is also famous for his experiment with the kite and key. Rene Laennec invented the Stethoscope. With this he investigated sounds made by the heart and lungs, and compared it to his diagnosis he got from autopsies. He also wrote the first descriptions of bronchiectasis and cirrhosis and also classified lung conditions like pneumonia, pleurisy and emphysema. Lastly, John Hunter was a surgeon of the 18th century and is now known as founder of “scientific surgery.” He made many advances in surgical procedures, while teaching anatomy and surgery. He also first documented reports on “tube feeding.”
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