WHAP Midterm Review 2013-2014

Topics: China, Byzantine Empire, Confucianism Pages: 4 (844 words) Published: February 3, 2014
WHAP: Midterm REVIEW: Complete and study the review sheet and you will do very well on the exam!  1. The political organization of the Tigris Euphrates civilization. a. Tightly organized city-states

b. King with divine authority
c. Carefully defined boundaries and territory
d. Regulates religions and enforces religious duty
e. Court system for Justice
f. Organized defense and army
g. Early code of law (Hammurabi)
2. The river valley civilization which was most completely destroyed by invasion. a. Babylon
3. How did Egypt differ from Mesopotamian civilization?
a. Retained a unified state
b. Fully government-directed economy
c. Less elaborate sciences and alphabet
d. More advanced mathematics
e. Art focused on beauty
4. The differences between the Qin and the Zhou.
a. Zhou rules with allied princes and has no strong, central government b. Qin ruler Shi Huangdi centralized China
c. Qin used bureaucratic rule of provinces
d. Qin were less susceptible to invasion; had better armies
e. Qin built great wall
f. Zhou unify China under one official language, Mandarin Chinese g. Qin attacked free thought and intellect
5. Government functions in Han China.
6. Comparing China and India and their contacts with other societies 7. Values of classical India and China
8. Peasant in classical China
9. Differences between classical civilizations and river valley civilizations 10. Functions of government in Han China
11. Chinese views of nature
12. Political tradition in India
13. Athenian democracy
14. Greek politics and India politics
15. Romans and engineering
16. Mauryan dynasty and Gupta dynasty: characteristics
17. Buddhism’s and Hinduism and their differences
18. Slavery in Roman Era
19. End of the Gupta empire
20. Cultural diffusion
21. Influence of Egypt and Hellenism on the first kingdoms in Africa below the Sahara 22. Features of late Roman Christianity
23. Umayyad attitude to other religions
24. How did Roman emperors try...
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