Swot Analysis Dakz Performance Apparel

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§Well-established organisational structure, comprising a Board of Directors and an organization of dedicated and passionate employees §Stable executive management team that has largely been in place since the company's commencement §Will Winsome, CEO, leads the Dakz executive management team, and has been an involved and engaged leader, manager and mentor at Dakz. He is very popular with Dakz employees. They admire his persistence and resilience, as well as the way he always seems to achieve his goals §The core group of early employees have been individuals who love sport and exercise §Team of in-house designers and sports scientists. The seven designers come from a variety of professional backgrounds. §Jane's most recent career achievement was the establishment of the flagship Australian retail store of a well-known European fashion manufacturer and retailer. §Jane's experience assisting Australian businesses to develop new markets internationally. She worked with a popular Australian stationery retailer to expand into Asia via a joint venture, and also assisted an Australian travel goods brand to establish a product distribution franchise model in Asia §Ewan to pursue his passion for assisting a medium-sized, entrepreneurial business to grow and be successful. §Dakz provides a high degree of flexibility to its employees to attend training sessions, competitions and championships, both domestically and internationally. §Dakz also provides a generous discount on products purchased by employees, and holds a number of ‘family and friends' special clearance sales on sample and discontinued lines throughout the year. §The culture at Dakz has typically been one of energy and excitement §Employer of Choice in the 2011 Australian Human Resources Association Employment Awards §Olympics and a national distribution deal with a major sporting goods retailer §Wholly Australian-owned Australian business

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