Shouldice Hospital Options

Topics: Cost, Management, Board of directors Pages: 3 (310 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Increase capacity by 20% Increase revenue Increase bonus pool No need for capital outlay Son, surgeon, 50% owner, Board member, Executive Input into design Daughter, Board member, Executive Husband is on Board? Input into design Chief Surgeon 60-Need successor Lot of demand Better margins and reward for quality/service compensation same and bonus intact Moral improves Increase revenue to create fund Some disagree with higher cost Does not address increased demand Pros Expand to other markets Pros Increase revenue Mrs. W.H Urquhart Increase staffing/training

Pros Managing Director Alan O'Dell

Dr.Byrnes Shouldice

Open Saturday Key Players

Schedule change/Work weekend 2 worry it will create a divide Cons Moral 4/10 Doctors oppose Dr.Degani (60) Control concerns On call schedule Staff are worried dilute bonus pool?

Dr. Degani Toronto Location USA less regulation

10% - Out of Province/USA 60% - Outer Toronto area 30% - assume Toronto

Increase costs charged


Shouldice Hospital Options to Expand Capacity

New Hospital

Build to satisfy demand Find financing

Big capital cost

Keep quality control Maintain patient centered care No need to convince stakeholder of change Increase in patient demand Threat of technology or new procedures Less resources Less process Risk of patient injury Increase in follow up Utilize skills of Dr's Charge higher amount for specialty work Increase revenue Loss of focus and risk of higher errors Need for more rooms and equipment Training of staff Cons Cons Pros Cons Quality control

increase risk of bad surgery

Stay the Course

Increase in staffing, training

Need for marketing Need for Admin

Increase capacity by 50% Pros Increase revenue Increase bonus pool


Shorten Patient Stay

Increase staffing/training

Expansion of Facility

Schedule change/Work weekend possible Bonus pool diluted Find financing Capital Cost estimate 4MM


Diversify into other...
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