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Telecommunication Industries In Malaysia

The telecommunications industry in Malaysia has experienced significant growth in recent years. Currently there are three major popular company that operates in Malaysia other than Telekom Malaysia such as Maxis, Celcom and Digi. Payne (1994) States that Service Quality Benchmarking follows five stage process.

Step 1: Define the competitive Area

Define the competitive arena that is with whom we are compared by customers and with whom do we want to be compared. Defining the competitive area can be done by using certain researching method such as focus group discussion or individual depth interview with customers to determine the actual situation occur in real competitive arena. Step 2: Identify the component of customer services

There are certain things that company must determine and understanding factors that contribute to the buyer behavior and identify which elements are seen by the customer to be the most important. The key components of customer service are seen by customers themselves. The key component can be identifying by using focus group which consist of 8 to 12 person in a group. The focus group is been conduct to get an accurate and valid data. 1. SMS and call charge (rates)

2. Security and protection
3. Network coverage
4. Customers and care line
5. Data plan
6. Phone and number service
7. Rewards
8. Payment and financial services
9. Entertainment
10. International direct dialing (IDD) and roaming

Step 3: Establish the relative importance of those services components

This can be done by ranking those services identified in step 2. Establish the relative importance of those service components to customer. Ask a sample of customers to rank order the customer service elements from most important to less important.

Step 4: Identify company`s position on key service component

First, customer must...
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