Religion 212 Final

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Religion 212: Final Exam for Angel Santiago Jr.

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Which of Paul's revelations were completely new when compared to Judaism?

There are several revelations presented by Paul with greatly differ from those practiced by followers of Judaism. One of this first revelations was that the church should be separate from the synagogue. Paul then states that all people of faith are “children of Abraham,” meaning that any person of any race are children of God, and not just those of Jewish lineage. This also lead to the belief that circumcision, a Jewish belief and practice, was no longer required in order to be a part of the faith. As for Marriage, Paul states that Christians should only marry other Christians, However, they do not have to be of Jewish descent. As for God's warnings and promise to Judaism, these beliefs still hold true. The purpose of the “Church Age” is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. Not much is really happening with the nation of Israel during this time. Paul preached that it will not be until after the Church is taken away, or “Ruptured” that God's focus will again be on the nation of Israel.

What does Christ Reveal to Paul While he was in Prison?

The letters that Paul wrote while imprisoned focused on the unification of the church, and encouraged followers to be steadfast in their mission to spread the gospel. He addressed the topic of slavery when writing to his friend, Philemon, who was angry about his slave, Onesimus, running away. Pauls asked Philemon to not only spare the life of Onesimus, but to also count him as a brother in Christ Jesus. In his later letters, Paul spoke about that fact that the church should be prepared to face persecution, and should be prepared to give their lives for the cause, just as Jesus gave his life for the mankind.

What Islam teaches about Christ? What does it teach about Judaism?

According to Surah V's “The Table Spread,” Islam's principle argument about why Jesus could not...
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