Public Fiscal Administration

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What is public fiscal administration?
- public fiscal administration generally refers to the process/es involved in the revenue generation, allocation, and expenditures of the government.

What is fiscal administration?
- Fiscal administration refers to systems, structures, processes, resources, and the policy, environment, government, the inter-governmental and inter-local fiscal relations, affecting among others, the following: the giving of allotments and grants by the national government (NG) to local government units (LGUs); sharing of taxing powers between the NG and the LGUs, and among LGUs units; policy on tax rates and structure;

revenue and expenditure planning;
revenue and expenditure planning;
revenue utilization and expenditure allocation;
monitoring and approval of budgets, tax ordinances and other fiscal measures; policy on borrowing and borrowing instruments; and
appointment and supervision of local fiscal officers.

What is fiscal policy and fiscal politics?
Fiscal Policy: A policy that allows the government to use government spending and government taxes to correct the Marco equilibrium.

Fiscal politics: is the buying of votes with working individuals income. Nonworking people see the working class as rich and feel that they should be allowed the same luxuries as the non producers. This is the main reason most democracies fail. When people realize that they can vote their way into money and not actually produce. The mental step of making this seem fair is listed above. They feel "correction" is needed to provide the non workers the income they desire. Politicians are wiling to take large sums of the working classes money and give a small portion to the non workers (thus keeping large sections for themselves).

What is the nature of public administration?

There are two views regarding the Nature of Public Administration, that is, Integral and Managerial.
According to the...
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