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In 1942, 5,000 television sets were in operation in the United States. At that particular time 12% of Americans had television sets. The programming was 33% news, 29% drama, and 17% educational programming, with an estimated 2,000 receiving sets by the end of the year, and an estimated audience of five to eight thousand. What effect does communication has society? Communication was limited to people all over, mainly working as a dynamic way between the sender who were mostly wealthy white Americans who own the newspapers and radio and the government who had access to mostly all the communications technology. At the other end were the receivers who were basically everybody else who was not rich or operated for the government; the poor, middle class minorities in America. For the past 100 years, the world has been using newspapers and radio as the dominated source of communication. In this part of time newspapers and radio was the only way to receive news and other information before television was invented. Before television there were no visual images to represent stereotypes with radio and newspapers as the only main source of communication. So people really didn’t know about how other certain type of people live their lives. In 1942, when about 5% of the population had television. By 1947, when there were 40 million radios in the U.S., there were about 44,000 television sets (with probably 30,000 in the New York area). Regular network television broadcasts began on NBC on a three-station network linking New York with the Capital District and Philadelphia in 1944; on the DuMont Television Network in 1946 and on CBS and ABC in 1948. By 1949, the networks stretched from New York to the Mississippi River and by 1951 to the West Coast. Commercial color television broadcasts began on CBS in 1951 with a field-sequential color system that was suspended four months later for technical and economic reasons. The television industry's National Television System Committee...
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