Principles of Providing Admin Services

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1. Complete the table below with descriptions of at least two different features of a telephone system and how / when they would be used.

FeatureHow / when used

Conference calls

This makes it possible to speak to more than one person simultaneously. 2.


Enables one to transfer a caller to another extension.

2. Prepare a brief report advising people on:

How to follow organisational procedures when making and receiving telephone calls When making phone calls the caller should make sure he or she has all the questions they want to ask, its good practice to have a pen and paper handy to take messages and be ready to listen to the conversation attentively.

When receiving a call answer after a certain number of rings, say the name of the company and branch if the organisation has multiple locations, listen carefully to the reason why the caller rang, and it’s important to smile when talking on the phone as it.

The purpose of giving a positive image of yourself and your organisation when making and receiving telephone calls. If possible, use specific information from procedures in your own organisation (or one that you are familiar with).

A positive image is vital for any business so opening and closing phone conversations is paramount and knowing how to deal with each caller efficiently. Using the right tone and language as well helps to portray a positive image for the business and for the individual and also shows how professional someone is.

Section 2 – Understand how to handle mail

1. Explain the purpose of correctly receiving, checking and sorting mail and packages (both incoming and outgoing).

Incoming mail
Open mail not private unless cleared to do so
Remove contents
Date stamp mail when received
Check and attach enclosures
Sort mail according to department
Mail is delivered or collected by different departments by designated staff and then put in the recipient’s in tray

Outgoing Mail
Collect mail from each department
Deliver mail to the mail room at an agreed time
Sort mail into first, second, special and recorded delivery •Weigh letter or packages
Calculate postage costs
Stamp or frank items at the correct cost
Take mail to an appropriate post box or post office

It is of paramount importance for mail to be sorted properly within any business because failure to do so means •Loss of potential business
Short and long term loss of revenue
Workers unable to complete tasks leading to unsatisfied customers and wasted time •Irritated suppliers when they chase up payments

2. Complete the table below with the following information:

At least two examples of internal mail services that are available to organisations •At least two examples of external mail services that are available to organisations

Internal mail servicesExternal mail services



Royal Mail


Secure pouches and bags



3. Describe two methods that you can use to calculate postage charges for mail and / or packages. •Taking weight and dimensions of the item. With this method ideally, what is required is the length, width, height and weight of the package and a price will be automatically worked out for you and this helps to provide an accurate price for postage. •Use of postage rate tables – this is used to set the amount you charge per postage by delivery method and destination. Costs can also be specified by international postage, either by region of specific country.

Section 3 – Understand how to use different types of office equipment

1. Describe the main types of equipment found in offices and how they are used. Include examples of at least three different types of office equipment. •Computers – these provide a wide range of functions which make them useful for everyday situations. Once...
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