Notes on Different types of customers

Topics: Customer, Complaint, Pleading Pages: 4 (468 words) Published: September 7, 2014
Dealing with customer complaints
why do customers complain?
customers complain mainly because of bad customer service
The product they received is of bad quality
not happy because of the staff
Delayed flights
not good service
untidy accommodation
product they received was not as it was descripted.
not a noth seats on the plane
not getting what they want
why do organisations need to know about customer complaints? To keep their reputation
keep one customer happy
expand business
keep customers
keep business
to improve
to fix one problem
How to deal with customers?
Offer a discount or a complimentary item such as a item etc.) or a refund if they take it further ask if want to speak to the manager
Reply a.s.a.p
start by apologising
Don’t interrupt whilst they are complaining
Ask what's wrong
face to face
offer something else
written communication
make it formal
be sympathetic
make eye contact
suggest the course of action
check the customer is happy with the solution and ask them if there is anything else you can do for them. keep calm
keep customer informed at all times
Why is it important to resolve a complaint?
to keep the customers happy so you will get customer loyalty so you don’t get a bad image/reputation of you or the organisation To prevent it from happening again so you have good customer service Customer service and charter

quality of service they give
how good their products are
minimum standard of quality
procedures they follow

With respect
With a helpful manner
Regardless of the customer type all customers have different needs. A hen party travelling to london for the weekend.
Group accommodation
24hr reception
Information on local nightlife
Different types of customers
Disable Access
Wider corridors
Treated with respect and...
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