Dubai Bank Improves Customer Satisfaction with Crm

Topics: Bank, Customer service, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: September 4, 2012
Dubai bank improves customer satisfaction with CRM
Lamiya Williams
Baker College of Auburn Hills
Information systems
MGT 321
Dr. Gigi Smith
August 28, 20l2

Dubai bank improves customer satisfaction with CRM
Discussion Questions
1. What Conditions Brought Dubai Bank to the realization that it could benefit from a CRM system?
The complexity of customer’s information systems caused Dubai bank argents frustration in finding information and setting up new accounts. Even worse was the aggravation it caused valuable customers. If a customer phoned customer service with a question, the agent might have had to access up to eight systems to collect customer information, leaving the customer waiting on the line. If the customer followed up the next day with a visit to the bank, the teller would have had no knowledge of the previous discussion with customer service, further aggravating the customer. When customers set up a new account, agents where required to fill out multiple applications. Credit checks needed to be performed manually. With this level of customer service, Dubai bank was having a difficult time keeping customers. 2. How did the CRM system make life easier for Dubai bank argents and customers?

VeriPark selected microsoft’s dynamics CRM package that integrates all critical operation banking systems, including Credit Cards, data warehouse, wealth management, and risk systems, into the CRM. The new CRM provides bank representatives with a 360- degree view of the customer, Whereby information can be entered and accessed through a single interface. VeriPark customized the package to comply with Islamic banking regulations. Business process automation is programmed into the system to further assist the bank in its strict adherence to shania principles. The new CRM system records information from all customer interactions with the bank. If a customer makes a withdrawal from ATMs, it is recorded in the CRM....
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