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Octavia Risby
Customer Service
Prof. Tracy Braye

Chapter Seven
Review Question Response
1. Service breakdown occurs when a product or service does not meet a customer’s expectations. This causes them to become frustrated and therefore the breakdown takes place. 2. Customers have access to information that allows them to make educated decisions about the product or service they purchase. When a customer feels their expectations have not been fulfilled they become dissatisfied. This leads to loss of business for that business and more business for its competitors. 3. When dealing with angry customers you should listen, remain positive and flexible, smile, introduce yourself, assist them, be inexcusably apologetic, ask open-ended questions and verify answers, then take appropriate action. 4. In order to assist indecisive people one must be patient, ask open-ended questions, listen actively, suggest other alternatives, and be assertive in guiding their decisions. 5. Some customers feel they have to be demanding because of past experience with customer service. They want to dominate the conversation to maintain control of the situation. 6. By being positive, acknowledging the customer’s feelings or anger, remain objective, listening affectively to determine the problem, reducing frustrations, and offering alternative suggestions, you can effectively deal with rude and inconsiderate people. 7. Some strategies for refocusing a talkative person are remaining focused, but cordial; don’t retaliate, ask open-ended questions, take control by using close-ended questions, then imply that you are ending the conversation for the sake of the customer. 8. You may prevent customer dissatisfaction by thinking like the customer, pampering them, showing respect, and exceeding their expectations. 9. The emotion-reducing model works as follows; If a customer has a problem, greet them with a smile and a open body language( 1. customer focused message), Show your...
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