Computer-Integrated Manufacturing

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A.Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing
1.Computer-aided design (CAD); electronic system used to design products and parts a.Replaces drafting by hand
b.Computer shows several views as designer creates the drawing c.Stress analysis shows reaction to force, indicating where the design is weak or likely to fail d.Successful designs are stored, building a library of designs that can be retrieved and reused 2.Computer-aided manufacturing

a.computers used to:
Design production processes
Schedule manufacturing operations
Track labor costs
Send instructions to control machine tools
Direct materials flow
3.CAD/CAM system
a.Integrates the design and manufacturing function
b.Translates the computer drawing or image into code, which directs and controls a machine to produce parts

B.Numerically Controlled (NC) Machines
1.Most commonly used form of flexible automation
a.One machine has many tools and performs many operations, perhaps machining a detailed part from a block of metal b.Receives instructions from external source (tape or computer) [Mention CNC machines.] 2.Computerized numerically controlled (CNC) machines

C.Industrial Robots
1.Computer-controlled machines programmed to perform various functions 2.Limited reach
a.Increased travel or axes of movement rapidly increases price. b.Robot must always know where it is relative to the work; precision depends on maintaining a reference point. 3.Usually sightless

a.Tools must be stored in predetermined locations.
b.Material must always be presented in the same orientation. c.Some second-generation robots have sensors to simulate touch and sight. 4.Relatively slow speed (when compared to fixed automation)

Usually not suitable for high-volume standardized production

D.Automated Materials Handling
1.Materials handling processes cost time and money and add no value to the product
Always look...
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